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What could lead an entire District Attorney’s office, the size of the Bexar County District Attorney’s office, to recuse itself from the prosecution of an individual charged with the improper sexual filming of his stepdaughter? We don’t know specifically because we could not find an official public statement explaining to the taxpayers of Bexar County the reasons for punting on the prosecution of Christopher Anthony Flores, charged in April of 2014 with the improper sexual filming of his stepdaughter. Allegedly, Mr.

32nd Annual Tejano Conjunto Festival

Guadalupe Cultural Art Center's 32nd annual Tejano Conjunto Festival is right around the corner and the line-up is looking pretty chingon! The three-day festival begins Friday, May 17, 2013 and is headlined by some of the greatest acts in Tejano and Conjunto music including, Los Hermanos Farías, Los Dos Gilbertos, Los DesperadoZ the legendary Flaco Jimenez and Mingo Saldivar. For the rest of the line-up visit the GCAC website here:


It appears that San Antonio is set to send another Chicano to Washington who hails from a fine family that no doubt instilled great family values, that while not unique to us, nor possessed by all of us, are general Mexican-American cultural traits that CCM believes make a good leader even better. Rep. Joaquin Castro announced this past Saturday that he is seeking Charlie Gonzalez’ U.S. House seat, which the latter announced on the same day he would not be seeking re-election for. Of course this U.S. House seat belonged to Henry B.

The Voice in the Void - The Reaper: Book One

Tequila, Rancheras y Vicente Fernandez - Que Mas Necesitas

A Chicano Lawyer was on a case in Aguascalientes, Mexico some years ago, where he had to meet with a woman about a case involving an accident in the USA that had cost her loved one his life. The business was wrapped up and the lawyer was looking for a room to spend the night before flying out the next day y nada.


J.T. Coldfire Band

Chicano Channel Magazine (CCM at was officially launched with a party in San Antonio, Texas at a club called Area 31.  The band, J.T. Coldfire Band, found by the magazine’s founder and creative director while enjoying the music and booze on the infamous 6th street in Austin, Texas, rocked Area 31 to its core and led many guests to later comment that it was the best band they had seen in a long time. Many have gone as far as saying that J.T.


These Chicanas from San Antonio are like San Antonio in a way, in that they, like the City itself, are definitely major players in their respective arenas. They also both have that hometown feel and genuine attitude that makes them real. Every time we have covered them we end up getting carried away with the music and forget that we are there to write an article about the show.

One-on-One With Bexar County Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz

As the re-election campaign for Bexar County Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz has commenced, we decided that a one-on-one discussion regarding his past, present and future with this great county was crucial.

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