Barack Obama told the world during a debate with John McCain, that if he had “actionable intelligence that Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan and Musharraf (then President) was unwilling to do anything about it”, he would unilaterally take action to take Bin Laden out.  “We will move Heaven and Earth to get him”, Obama continued.  McCain ridiculed that position and made clear he would not take unitaleral action in another country to get Osama Bin Laden.


Is it just us or does that number not sound too bad? For the eight point something percent of Americans not working, it is bad and we are not trying to diminish their time of struggle. The trajectory recently has been that those numbers are improving as well, but if we were part of the political party not in the White House, knowing that economic times (good or bad) are usually attributed to the President and his policies, we would also not stop talking about how these are the worst economic times ever.


The next Presidential election being held in 2012, appears to be the latest-starting Presidential election in a very long time. Memory of the most recent past elections seemed to have begun well before this point in time. At the time this article was being written, only one candidate on the Republican side had formally announced and his name is Gary Johnson. Prior to his formal announcement, very little if any, mention of this now candidate for President had been made.

You Don't Like Him Because He Is Black

The Republican Right Wing on their crazed talk shows always refer to Obama’s African roots, but in that way that all of us know is intended to besmirch the man, that African! However, he is half white and yet that side of his family is never mentioned. Guess why? Because that is not going to awaken that latent racist in many of you, that you will never admit to. To those whom this message is directed to by default, you know you would rather not drink, eat, live next to or have as President, a black man.

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