Barack Obama told the world during a debate with John McCain, that if he had “actionable intelligence that Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan and Musharraf (then President) was unwilling to do anything about it”, he would unilaterally take action to take Bin Laden out.  “We will move Heaven and Earth to get him”, Obama continued.  McCain ridiculed that position and made clear he would not take unitaleral action in another country to get Osama Bin Laden.


Where we are today, is that this next Tuesday, if Romney wins, the Plutocrats will have been granted a victory and a green light to begin to blunt the forward progress of regular people in America.  They will have much reason to celebrate, because not only will they have bought eight years in power, but they will also have the ability to enact laws and appoint judges that will ensure their grasp on power for many more years to come.  Their anger and the unprecedented amount of money they have contributed to defeat Barack Obama, is not for nothing, it is because the President’s policies and


A legal case entitled Citizens United made its way to the top of the legal “food” chain, nine "gods" in black robes sat in judgment, listened or at least heard arguments and then made their decision.  Actually they had met with persons before the case ever got to them, persons whose only interest is in power, pure power and the riches that come with it.  These persons  told the "gods", that a case was coming their way that would have enormous effect upon their ability to rule the world.  They described this case as one that would allow them to use their already vast wealth, to turn


Hoover presided over the Nation’s Great Depression, Nixon was a criminal who burglarized the Watergate building and who also expanded the Vietnam War, Ford pardoned him and bit into a tamale, shuck and all, W stole an election, lied to the American people about Saddam’s involvement in 9/11 to start a war and presided over the Nation’s second Depression.  Their idol, Ronald Reagan, granted amnesty to immigrants, something none of the others would ever do again, including Mitt Romney, whose business experience is in “Vulture Capitalism”, perfecting the art of gutting and bankrupting companies


There are many who have short picks about who Mitt Romney, whose coronation as the Presidential Nominee from day one hit a few bumps, but is all but done now, will pick as his running mate, however we think we know who it will be.  We think it will be Marco Rubio, the Cuban/American Senator from Florida.  During all the debates that the Republicans had this past fall, it was obvious they were going to take a hit on the Latino vote, what with one of the candidates saying we needed an electric fence on the border and all of them supporting Arizona’s and other States’ laws that would criminali


There are massive amounts of money being collected by groups opposed to Obama, most of which is coming from people that make their money directly or indirectly from oil and from financial firms. As far as the financial firms’ complaints, they include regulations imposed on them by this Administration, but that came about because you, the taxpayer, lent money to those firms to bail them out

Political Noise

Why are you surprised when politicians say the things they do? It shouldn’t because it is politics to say white, if they say black, to say no if other side says yes and so on. Then they meet in a private room and agree on more than they will ever admit to, come out of that room and say that they are far apart and that the other side must shift their position or no deal. It’s chest pounding to their constituency because that is what people have come to want, a tough talking, maybe even smart alec politician who “stands for something”.

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