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Chile Dude Movie Review - This Means War

Movie writers that have never personally experienced what they are writing about, should be banned from being the script writers for a movie on that subject.  The writers for This Mean War are those writers I just talked about.  They have never dated, they are probably virgins and here they are, writing for a movie that is 90% about dating.  That is how bad and cheesy the lines are when it came to the interaction between the girls and boys in this flic and the director had to be in a cocoon or be a virgin as well, since he did not catch the pendejadas either.

Chile Dude Movie Review - Man On A Ledge

Reading other reviews on the way to watch this, one thing stood out and that was that every reviewer was not expecting much from this flic, but came away with much more than bargained for. Maybe that’s why Chile Dude was not too big on the last “Mission Impossible”, because they set the expectations in the sky and then fall hard when they don’t meet it.

Chile Dude Movie Review - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

This movie was designed to market itself, not marketed to death to make you want to go to see what the fuss was all about, as many movies are.  It is smartly made and attention should be given to detail to get the full effect, yet it does not inundate you with detail in the form of script only, instead mixing the superbly done text with equally masterful action.  The two and a half hours the movie runs does not feel that long.  The movie is in the mold of the great whodunit  films, but very modern and hard-hitting, sparing no detail, no matter how violent or sexual.

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