May 2014 - Issue IX

Source: Rage 1968
'Under the Bridge' - the Chicano Park Documentary
‘Under the Bridge' is a beautiful and enlightening documentary about Chicano Park located in Barrio Logan, a predominately Chicano neighborhood in San Diego. The director of the film, Mike Todd, delves into the history of Chicano Park which came to be in 1970. Where the park is now situated was once a proposed site for a Highway Patrol station but residents of the community were determined to have a safe place where their children could play instead of playing in the street, so they took matters into their own hands and dug up the dirt themselves. 'Under the Bridge' contains interviews with locals, activists and artists that are as vivid as the mural covered pillars that line the park. In addition to discussing the history of Chicano Park, the film highlights and explores the cultural movement that continues today via celebrations, ceremonies, music, art and education. Watch 'Under the Bridge' for free on HULU by clicking here.