2012 Election Edition - Issue VIII

Where We Are Today

This is the weekend before one of the most important elections in history.  For those of you who think voting is not important, please keep that to yourself and do not teach that perspective to your kids, because that basically amounts to teaching them to keep quiet and not speak up when they think they might be getting screwed over.  There are very cynical people out there that actually would agree with you publicly that all politicians are liars, that regardless of who you vote for nothing will change and that government is never the answer, yet privately they will not only vote, but organize groups to get people elected that benefit them.  These cynics want you and many others like you, to continue to elect to sit on the sidelines and not vote, in this way, with fewer people to have to convince to cast their votes for whom they support, it is easier and more predictable to get their way.

African-Americans realized this years ago and have now transformed American politics forever, by simply voting.  Don’t think this has gone unnoticed by the very same cynical, greedy and power hungry Plutocrats we were talking about previously.  Immediately after the election of the Nation’s first black President, in the States they had more sway in, they began to promote laws that restricted the number of early voting days, made registering to vote more difficult, cancelled the Sunday before the election as a voting day (historically a huge voting day for black Americans), and limited which identification cards would be acceptable to vote.  In Texas for example, gun licenses were okay, yet student identification cards were not.  It’s not a coincidence that the former tends to vote more conservatively and the latter more progressively.  Where we are today is at a crossroads where “Old Power” is meeting “New Power” head-on and doing everything they can to delay the inevitable.

The United States Supreme Court, acting collectively like Zeus, the Father of Gods and Men, gave the “Old Power” a huge weapon to fight the “brown wave” with, they decided a case which for the first time ever allowed unlimited amounts of money to be spent on behalf of a particular candidate, and perhaps even worse, “Zeus” ruled that the sources of that money could remain anonymous.  If Osama Bin Laden were alive, and if he had an interest in who got elected as our President, maybe because the other guy was wiping his organization off the face of the Earth, he could conceivably be secretly and legally, putting millions towards electing who he wanted.  There are many equally as bad, bad men out there, who have an interest in having the USA as their own personal bitch, whether it’s because they need us to fight their wars for them or because they want to continue to have free reign to keep Americans as like customers in a flea market, buying their goods and services without government interference.  It was not the first time the U.S. Supreme Court acted as Zeus, in 2000, they stopped vote counting in Florida and knighted Bush as President.

Where we are today, is that this next Tuesday, if Romney wins, the Plutocrats will have been granted a victory and a green light to begin to blunt the forward progress of regular people in America.  They will have much reason to celebrate, because not only will they have bought eight years in power, but they will also have the ability to enact laws and appoint judges that will ensure their grasp on power for many more years to come.  Their anger and the unprecedented amount of money they have contributed to defeat Barack Obama, is not for nothing, it is because the President’s policies and overall philosophy are a direct threat to the stranglehold they have had on our Country since its inception.