2012 Election Edition - Issue VIII

The Plutocrats’ Last Resort
Author: Roman Villa

Jack Kennedy was killed in part because of the perception, by the Plutocrats and their zombies, that he identified too much with blacks, Latinos and regular people, a kind of socialist in other words.  His brother Bobby suffered the same fate.  How dare they, those Kennedys, actually try to extend power to the masses, of any color.  It of course was fine to say it on a campaign trail, but not to actually implement anything close.  Jack in Dallas, Bobby in Los Angeles and Martin Luther King in Memphis, all murdered.  The Plutocrats worst nightmare, hence their anger, came in 2008 when a black man was elected, so they now present one of their own to run against him in 2012.

The election is one thing, but bullets flying through the air is another.  These murders are about power.  They are about changing courses in history and delaying the inevitable.  The social wave was so strong in 2008, that a black man was able to take it all because we had an outgoing President who had lied to his own citizens about the reasons for a war and who, because he gave his friends a tax break, caused the Nation’s second depression.  Since these high profile murders, additional and more stringent security measures are in place, which makes the success of any attempted future assassination less likely.

Regardless, please be careful Mr. President, these people, if they can be called that, are probably descendants of Plutocrats from way back, who first try to use their money to influence outcomes, but when that falls short it is not beyond them to resort to violence.  The Plutocrats in the 2012 election, are puzzled by the fact that their billions have not put their candidate in a better position thus far and that their use of racial overtones and class warfare, are similarly not ensuring a victory.  Their efforts to limit the number of people voting, which is actually part of the definition of Plutocracy, have been successfully blocked in court, for now.  It is this brick wall that the Plutocrats and their zombies are running into, that has me worried about what they will do as a last resort.