2012 Election Edition - Issue VIII

Natural Born Leaders
Author: Jimmy Delgado

We are of the firm belief that true leaders, whether single issue activists, entrepreneurs that change the economic landscape or politicians, are natural born.  These people hold certain values so near and dear to themselves, that all else, even personal advancement, take a backseat to what can benefit their constituents and the public at large.  They come from all walks of life, differing life stories and vantage points.  Many get to positions of power who do not merit it, because they are good at convincing people that they have their best interest at heart, when they don’t.

Cesar Chavez in our opinion was a natural born leader.  He could have had a better life for himself and his family, but he could not turn his back on the immigrants who were suffering at the hands of their employers and who were counting on him to lead them into better times.  He risked his own life in pursuit of these goals.  Ghandi, back in the day in India, when they were being colonized and mistreated by England, also chose the road of most resistance in order to free his nation.  Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy and other natural born leaders, not only risked, but lost their lives bucking the “establishment”, the monied plutocrats and their mindless zombie followers.

For those religious among us, Jesus Christ was probably the one that wrote the book on revolt and also paid the ultimate price, being sentenced to death on the cross.  Of course he wasn’t a politician and these days the people that are most affecting our lives by the laws that they pass, are politicians.  Every single one poll tests the positions they take in order to attempt to be in the majority and take advantage of those votes.  Primaries are different from general elections and many times politicians have to “etch a sketch” after winning their primary in order to tack to the center, where elections are usually won.  Yet, whoever goes through this dance, is probably not a natural born leader, but instead someone who will say or do anything to obtain power.

Some natural born leaders came from money and never had a worry in their life about money, yet were still able to project themselves to feel what others, not so fortunate, were experiencing in their lives and work to improve them.  Yet, that person who comes from wealth or who spent most of his life pursuing wealth, especially if in that pursuit of wealth they did so at the expense of others, is the exception and not the rule of natural born leaders.  There are many good people out there and most of them not running for office, who simply want to improve the lives of regular people, directly or by helping elect leaders who will implement policies that do the same.  We believe some of these people are Sheriff Adrian Garcia of Houston, Texas, Sheriff Amadeo Ortiz of San Antonio, Texas, George Lopez, Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio, ex-President Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, Hillary Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Eva Longoria, countless others who we apologize to, and of course, “El Jefe”, Barack Obama.