June/July 2012 - Issue VII

The Outlaw Dames: Ladies With Attitude
Author: Jennifer Arevalo

“Our team motto is: We don’t train quitters, whiners, wannabes or glamour girls… We train badasses!” said veteran roller-derby player Hollow Point. The ladies of the Bexar County Roller Girls, the Outlaw Dames, are just that…Bad Asses!

 According to the Dames, roller-derby is not only about physical capability, but mental capability as well.  “Roller derby is not for everyone. If you’re going to do it you do it. Don’t be afraid to get hurt because you will; it’s just a matter of time. Once your in it… your in it. Derby is not to sit around and look pretty, you get out there and give it your all,” said Gorrissey.  Newbie, Monica, also added, “I haven’t played a game yet, but my first practice I was very scared and nervous. The fear goes away slowly, but not fully. I’m still scared, but now I’m excited too! It’s all rolled up together!”

 Bruised tail-bones, busted lips, pulled muscles, blisters (the size of quarters) and fractured bones; for the Outlaw Dames,  it’s just another day of practice. “I’ve had a broken tail-bone and a couple of staples, but it still doesn’t keep me from coming back. I love roller-derby, I’ve wanted to do it ever since I saw it on TV when I was little,” said Hollow Point.

The Outlaw Dames may be comprised of mothers and grandmothers, but they are some of the toughest and amazing women anyone could ever meet. One resilient Dame is newbie, Monica; she was diagnosed with lung cancer in November.

With a diagnosis like lung cancer, most people would not think to participate in such a rigorous sport, but not newbie Monica.  “I had to start chemo treatments and my derby sister, Gracie, was sweet enough to take me to get my treatments, and after, it’s off to practice” said the newbie.   Hollow Point added, “She amazes me! After chemo she still comes to practice and gives it her all.  She inspires me to be better and get better at what I do. She motivates me; when I feel tired and I see her still out on the track it makes me push myself more.”

Newbie, Monica, isn’t the only one that inspires the rest of the team.  Hollow Point gives the Dames the extra push they need.” We love Hollow! We love how she pushes us, how she motivates us. She makes us want to be the best, and with this newbie as inspiration, we are unstoppable” said, Gorrissey

The speed, intensity and the hits! The Outlaw Dames love it All! “What I love about roller-derby is the closeness with the girls, but then again it’s also a love-hate relationship too. You want to beat them; like when my sister [Gorrissey] and I are on the track; we are not sisters,” said newbie Roxanne (newbie is the name that’s given to all BCRG beginners). Patty Rebel added, “The best thing about roller-derby is the strength it gives me to stand up for myself.  I can be a woman and be strong and I have a great group of friends.”

The Outlaw Dames have not only learned ways to take down their opponents, but learned how to control their temper. “I have been kicked out of a game before.  I was a very rebellious player. I would curse and use obscene gestures, but I realized I shouldn’t be doing that, kids are at these games, they look up to me and they see me as a role model. I have to be an example and show them that you can’t get what you want when you act like that,” said Hollow Point. “I quickly learned that being thrown out wasn’t helping my team, I was hurting them and myself” she added.

Unfortunately for the Outlaw Dames, it’s not always a fun time. These adrenaline-loving women have not only faced tough opponents, but some not so nice fans. “The one thing I hate is that all guys think that all roller-derby girls are gay. It aggravates me, but it also gives me that extra push to train harder! Hell no I don’t back down! And if those guys think they can take us on, well then let’s go settle it on the track!” Hollow Point said. “It’s just ignorance. It’s sad that we are stereotyped like that, but stereotypes are disproved all the time. And like Hollow said, ‘come and check us out and we can show you we are just as tough as a man’… actually we are tougher!” Patty Rebel added.

 The BCRG is a non-profit organization whose main focus is to “spread the word of roller-derby and bring friends and families together”, according to the BCRG website. The BCRG follow WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) guidelines and rules.

The BCRG is an apprentice league, training to become an official WFTDA league. For more information about the BCRG go to their website at http://www.bexarcountyrollergirls.org , there you can find out information about sponsoring and upcoming events where you can meet and see these amazing players perform. Like them on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/bexarcountyrollergirls

 Go out and support the BCRG and the Outlaw Dames!