June/July 2012 - Issue VII

Mexicans With Guns
Author: Amanda Arnold

When Ernest Gonzales gets ready to put on a show he transforms into Mexicans With Guns by sporting his signature luchador mask; almost like a super hero hiding his real identity. MWGs is making music that anyone can listen to and dance to but at the same time he’s representing Chicanos in a genre where Chicanos are rarely heard.
With the House, Techno, Dance and Dubstep genres all making a comeback with artists like Deadmau5, Skrillex and others, Mexicans With Guns brings a vibe that is infused with Chicano/Latino culture.

CCM- When did you start MWGs? What/who influenced you to make the music that you make today?
MWG- The idea for making faster dance music was an idea that was floating around in my mind mostly near the end of 2008 but didn’t really get going until 2009. As for my influences it’s a mixture of Hip-hop, electronic music, and Latin sounds but I’m also influenced by other things like history and culture.

CCM- How did you decide on the name Mexican With Guns?
MWG- My direct influence for the name is the west coast rap group NWA.

CCM- Have you received any negative feedback from the name “Mexicans With Guns”? If so, how do youhandle it?
MWG- I’ve only received one email so far from a person that was really critical of the name. I responded the best I could but then briefly became upset about it. At the end of the day...what I do is create and bring positivity into the world with music. If the name offends you so what...you will probably never get it.

CCM- How do you personally describe your style of music-making?
MWG- I like to think of it as cultural remixing but I often describe it as bass music or dark.

CCM- MWG is definitely making a brand for itself. Recently you teamed up with Chronically Cute and developed a limited edition, handmade, organic solid scent called “AK-47”. How did you get into the “fragrance” making business? What does “AK-47” smell like?
MWG- My wife is talented and has great ideas and Chronically Cute is her brand. Our collaboration was a way to bring some attention to some of the products and ideas she is working on. My wife hand makes everything and even worked with me to develop the scent which I describe as clean and refreshing. The scent comes with downloads of MWG songs you can’t get anywhere else.

CCM- Recently you teamed up with Toy Selectah who was one of the founders of Control Machete out of Monterrey, Mexico, a group that might just be one of the most influential groups in Hip-Hop en Español. Together you formed what you call Gun Selectah. You were both on the 2011 Pachanga Fest lineup in ATX. Did you meet him then? What gave you both the idea to team up?
MWG- No, we met through mutual friends and exchanged a few emails which led to the collaboration. We have a respect for each other’s music and forming a hybrid of our sounds seemed like a great idea.

CCM- Any other upcoming projects in the works that you’d like to let our readers and your fans in on?
MWG- I’ve got a couple of shows coming up this summer, a few of which will be with Toy Selectah. I’m working on a pretty big remix right now...not going to say who and jinx it though. I’m always thinking of new things to get myself into. Right now I’ve got some ideas for business I want to start, one of which being a publishing company.

To listen to Mexicans With Guns’ music for yourself, to purchase the album “Ceremony” and for more information, visit MexicansWithGuns.com