June/July 2012 - Issue VII

A Brother From the Eastside Continues to Make it Big - The Vision, Passion and Dedication Behind BayBay McClinton
Author: Yvannia "Yaya" Garcia

When superstar athletes and international celebrities need to add some pep into their step, Trainer, Bremond “BayBay” McClinton, is just the man to make it happen. He personifies more than just your average trainer, he’s a mentor and a life-altering coach who seeks to create a change not only in the health and stamina of his clients but simultaneously seeks to help them be the change that could develop their lifestyle in a positive way. With clients like the San Antonio Spurs, the Silver Star Dancers, professional NFL football players like Priest Holmes, Andrew Sendejo, and Travis Lewis, as well as internationally renowned actors like Eva Longoria and Ricardo Antonio Chavira, you get the sense that this diverse clientele portfolio sums up his true talent for training.  Yet the impressive list doesn’t stop there though, there are many, many more.  So what is it about BayBay that makes him one of San Antonio’s elite trainers and who is in very high demand? Minnesota Vikings’ defensive back, Andrew Sendejo, knew exactly how to sum it all up in just a few words, “he has a wealth of knowledge in this industry of strength and speed conditioning and so that’s why we like to go to him. He does a great job of getting us in shape and working on the things that we need to work on in order to be better football players.”

But more than just your average trainer, BayBay has a formula for success that includes great dieting tips as well as the best strength and conditioning routines that anyone in the sports-training industry could offer. The Detroit Lions Linebacker, Travis Lewis, also added his “two cents” when commenting on why BayBay was his go-to man during offseason training, he said “BayBay is a character, so its always good to workout with the guy that you have fun with and you can come to everyday and joke around, but at the same time you know that he’s going to work you hard.  He always has something new, it’s never the same thing with BayBay, so he keeps you guessing on what it is you’re going to do.” Hard work, dedication and determination are three of the key goals that BayBay exemplifies in each and every one of his training regimens.

Growing up on the east side of San Antonio truly allowed BayBay to cherish how much football did for him growing up. “I stayed out of trouble and away from making poor choices because there was always one thing on my mind, football. I woke up thinking football and went to bed thinking football,” said BayBay.  Football truly was an escape for him when the going got tough, and all those early years of practicing what he preaches nowadays, about looking for the silver lining, is what has made BayBay who he is today. He’s truly a successful trainer who carries himself with a lot of pride in what he does and because of the life-changing routines that he crafts for his trainees day after day. Being the Texas man that he is, he stayed true to his Texan heart by playing for the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Oilers in the late eighties and early nineties.

Yet, although it all is highly inspirational, where his life becomes even more motivating is when it comes down to his love and devotion for the kids of our community. It was actually through his foundation called “BayBay’s Kids”, that he found his way onto the Vh1 reality show, Celebrity Fit Club, as a guest trainer. It was Harvey Walden, the primary drill sergeant, trainer on the show and its producer, who personally invited BayBay to come on the show. “Once I got off that call, the only thing that came to my mind was, ‘Man I’m going to Hollywood, I can’t believe this,’ and just like that I was able to check one more item off of my bucket list,” said BayBay. 

One of his primary aspirations is to battle the obesity epidemic that sadly deteriorates the lives of many kids, including Chicanos and minority Anglo children. So when you ask what motivates him, one of those things that he must do before he can kick the bucket, which he describes with eyes so bright,  is a reality show to highlight and battle child obesity, called “Kid Fitervention.”  The concept is that of a boot-camp for kids of all ages, genders, weights and socio-economic levels, modeled after the ideals and goals of “The Biggest Loser.”

Inspirational, enthusiastic and encouraging, are truly the words that could be used to describe BayBay McClinton, a man true to his heart and goals, and who always helps others be the best in their game, regardless of what that game might be.  Young or old, athletes will continue turning to him for training on the field and guidance off of it.  Here’s to BayBay McClinton, a man who is truly living his dream while inspiring others to reach theirs.