April/May 2012 - Issue VI

ESTEBAN J. RODRIGUEZ PRESENTS: The Source of All Happiness, “SOAH” & “El Perrito Tequilas
Author: Jimmy Delgado

From Toyota to Tequila, that is what Esteban J. Rodriguez did. Born in Lubbock, Texas, Esteban later worked for Toyota in the New York area, managing their advertising towards Hispanics that would have benefitted 52 dealerships on the East Coast. In 2007 he returned to San Antonio still employed by Toyota, but with a faltering economy, the budget for marketing to Hispanics hit the chopping block and Esteban had to adjust. He taught business management and marketing courses at Our Lady of the Lake University and tried his hand in the wholesale car business, but something was missing. From his friendship with the Gabriel family of Gabriel’s Liquors and Don’s and Ben’s Liquors came an inspiration, the fast growing and potentially lucrative, Tequila market. The rest is now history and the future as well.

Born was the top shelf Tequila named SOAH, which is the acronym for "Source Of All Happiness", a fitting name for a quality tequila, that by all accounts SOAH is. The Blue Weber Agave for this most tasty and smooth tequila, is planted and harvested on the same Estate in Jalisco Mexico and by the same family each time. This process ensures a more controlled environment, one in which the quality of each harvest mirrors the previous harvests and minimizes any potential for problems in the market, which most other Tequilas cannot offer because they buy their agave on the open market.

Esteban’s well-Tequila likes to "do it doggy-style" and it is aptly named, El Perrito, named after Esteban’s Friend, Ronnie Gabriel’s son Anthony’s keen ability to track while hunting. El Perrito, like SOAH, are not made like regular Tequilas, although they are regulated by theConsejo Regulador deTequila, however Esteban exceeds their requirements. For example, while most well Tequilas are made using 51% agave and 49% sugar, Esteban goes with 70% agave and 30% sugar, which gives El Perrito Tequilas the Agave sweet smell it’s supposed to have instead of just an alcohol odor. As for SOAH, Esteban ages his Tequilas longer also, for example SOAH Reposado, instead of the required minimum of 2 months, he ages it for 10, SOAH Anejo for 20 months instead of 12 and for SOAH Super Anejo, 45 months instead of 36. All for your pleasure and while also maintaining lower than market prices. Enjoy!