April/May 2012 - Issue VI

Becky G Interview
Becky G - Teen in the CIty
Author: Amanda Arnold

LA native Becky Gomez, better known as Becky G is a lively 15 year old who is fast becoming the next huge Pop/Hip-Hop sensation. Get to know Becky G now because as talented as she is, she will more than likely be a household name very soon.

Watching Becky in her music videos and on stage it is apparent that she was born to perform and just hearing her speak you will quickly sense that she is a smart, motivated, strong-willed young lady who knows exactly what she wants to do in life.


At the age of nine Becky set out to determine whether or not a music career was right for her. Becky told us, "When I was 9 years old, I asked my parents to give me 6 months to audition for a variety of music and performance projects. If in the end, I did not book anything, I knew that I at least gave it a shot and could never say I did not try. I am the oldest of 4 children so my parents had pretty tight schedules. I auditioned to perform at Universal City Walk in Hollywood. My parents were so nervous for me because I had never done a performance in my life. The rush I got on stage was the most powerful feeling in the world. Seeing people smile and clap for you is an amazing feeling. The moment I got off the stage I told my parents I wanted to do this over and over again. I wanted it to be a part of the rest of my life. The rush and the connection I received from the audience was incredible. There’s no better feeling than to know you can connect to the world through music. After that performance I received a full scholarship to join a music program. I continued to audition for projects and started booking many of them! So the 6 months was just the start to the rest of my life and how I ended up where I am now."


Where Becky G is now is just the beginning to a new chapter in her music career. Becky just recently signed with Kemosabe Records, a division of Sony/RCA that was started in November 2011 by the two-time Grammy nominated producer, Dr. Luke.

Dr. Luke is the producer/songwriter behind the success of international Pop-star Katy Perry. The list of artists that Dr. Luke has worked with is extensive but some of the most notable include Ke$ha, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Jessie J and the Backstreet Boys.

Becky G let us in on how it feels to be so young but to be a part of something so immense, "I am recently signed to Kemosabe Records and I am very blessed to have such an amazing team whom I love and appreciate! They work just as hard as I do. They took me to the right places and the right people. Kemosabe won my heart. It’s my new home away from home. I am absolutely excited and honored to be working with Dr. Luke. I felt such a connection with him from the moment I met him. SONY/RCA Kemosabe saw my vision and everyone I met clearly understood exactly were I’m going so I am looking forward to our future together!"


Becky is more than a triple threat, she does it all. Not only does she sing, rap and dance, she also writes her own lyrics which is something that a lot of artists wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to do. Becky is not stopping there.

She let us in on her passions and even something special that is in the works, "I have such a passion for singing, rapping, dancing, and acting but I also love to write music, play my guitar, design clothes and write movie scripts. I also enjoy cooking and really just love to stay busy and stay creative. I am currently working on my fashion line called ‘Teen in the City’, that’s my baby! I am excited to share this with the world soon."

These days the word "swag" is thrown around too loosely but we predict that Becky G’s "Teen in the City" clothing line will be the epitome of teenage swag, given her personal style.


There are so many strong and empowering female performers who paved the way for Becky G and some that she tributes as her personal influences are all women who meet those characteristics including, Selena Quintanilla Perez, Christina Aguilera, Etta James, Adele, Lauryn Hill, Brandy and Shakira.

She accredits her top 3 most influential musical inspirations as:

Taylor Swift (young, driven, smart choices, remains humble, and keeps it real)

Beyonce (performer, driven, fearless, confi- dent, smart choices, and strong)

Jennifer Lopez (she built an empire, puts her own flavor into her performances, and her growth as an artist is inspiring)

Becky continued, "There are just so many who have influenced and inspired me in different ways. Any female who has made it or not in music inspires me, because they believe and create music all with the same intention, which is to ‘be heard’ and to ‘connect’ whether it’s with one person or millions."


Now that Becky G is officially a signed artist that means a new album and a new album means touring. We asked her where her dream venue to perform would be and she told us, "Madison Square Garden, no question! Along with the Staples Center, from my hometown of LA. My dad would probably say the Dodgers stadium, he’s a huge fan. But I do want to perform all over the world and see these wonderful places and their wonderful people."

Be on the lookout for Becky G’s album set to be released within the coming year. In the meantime check out her website, videos on YouTube and while you’re at it, follow her on Twitter.

WEBSITE: http://www.iambeckyg.com/

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/BeckyGOfficial 

TWITTER: @itsBeckyGomez