February/March 2012 - Issue V

Yvannia Garcia, Jesse James Leija, Jimmy V. Delgado
Where We Are Today

You know very well that we are in an election year, to not know would be either intentional, you do not watch television or you simply have one of those minds that tunes out politics. Any of these is fine because it is your choice and after all, choosing not to choose is a choice. As Chicanos, that is nothing new, we have been getting more involved, but historically we vote less than any other major racial group. We still see on Facebook and other social media, Chicanos refusing to take the time to find out the issues or get involved in the election of our legislators, and then proudly writing about it on their “walls”. It reminds me of many experiences in school when Chicanos were proud not to carry books, not to listen to the oft “white” teacher or principal, and not to have good grades. These things were measures of pride and elevated a Chicano’s status at school, with friends, not academically of course, and the clout carried to the neighborhood. Of course in many cases this led to “showing off” by committing crimes, which led to indoctrination into prison (another category in which Chicanos lead) and ironically the trend continued, ex-cons continued to have leadership roles in Chicano communities.

We don’t want to completely purge ourselves of that rebel streak that we possess, much of which is not genetic, but was instead beaten into us by racial prejudices at the hands of school officials, by police officials on the streets and by government indifference at all levels, but we now know that acting up in school or in the streets will not get us anywhere except down. Maybe government was indifferent to Chicanos because we didn’t give a shit about it either. We are now the majority or close to majority status in the entire Southwest region of the United States, and while we do not agree on the positions on all the issues, nor should we, we do agree on more than we realize. Many people do not have time to research the political issues to see what is behind the sound-bites, but with the number of websites and television stations that try to summarize much of this data for you, plus the debates and yes, chicanochannel.com, there are several ways in which you can get informed, educated, involved and ahead.

Speaking of getting ahead, chicanochannel.com is updating its website so that our members can submit their ideas and inventions, in any field or on any topic, to us and we will conduct an analysis of your idea, submit it to investors and run it by patent professionals in order to give you feedback on what we find concerning your idea and hopefully put you on a fast-track to realizing your dream. Many times our ideas are not channeled correctly nor checked out thoroughly, leaving the possibility that the benefit to society that you envisioned your idea could have, is never realized or is taken past the goal-line by someone other than you. Your ideas will be electronically submitted to us, which will leave a date and time stamp for your protection to prove when you sent us your idea, which will additionally be completely confidential and free to you. President Obama recently signed into law a bill that speeds up the patent process and we want to take advantage of that for you.