February/March 2012 - Issue V

Image Credit: Jocelyn Sherman
On Stage

It was in San Francisco

where Chavez stood up.

It was November 9, 1984

when he decided to speak for the farm laborers.


People looked up to the man who talked on stage,

people staring, waiting to hear what he had to say.

Cesar Chavez on the stage,

ready to speak up for a change.


People gathered, inching closer

to the man on the stage.

People trying to cheer,

but listen as well.


Chavez spoke to a crowd.

He spoke to America itself.

He requested people to organize,

to fight for their rights.


People cheered all around, motivated,

by the man who stood up for the farm



Cesar Chavez on stage,

requesting churches to join them,

requesting Americans to boycott,

requesting people to stop being afraid.


He reached the stage,


"You cannot humiliate the person who feels

pride. You cannot oppress the people who

are not afraid anymore"

motivating them to finally take a stand.

If you want to remember me organize

-Cesar E. Chavez