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Now get your collectors’ edition of Chicano Channel Magazine every other month delivered directly to your home or business. Every issue so far has been a collectible in our opinion, however now each issue is labeled a “collectors’ edition” and we expect them to live up to that distinction as we have already received reports of issues “disappearing” from households. Other family members are suspected of sneaking them away.

There has never been a national magazine, except Chicano Channel Magazine, that has recognized the term “Chicano” at all, much less its history and present status as the majority population of the entire Southwestern United States. Other magazines, except Chicano Channel Magazine, seem content to lump all persons of Spanish descent into one category and call them either Hispanic or Latino, even though Chicanos, Mexicanos, Cubanos, Puerto Ricans, Salvadorans or Guatemalans within that clumping, could not be more different from each other.

Besides, Chicanos, more than those other groups of “Latinos”, are usually more English-speaking, usually citizens of the United States and make up more than sixty (60) percent of all persons of Spanish descent in the United States. Chicanos fought with the Texans in their battles against the Mexicans, including at the Alamo and San Jacinto, thus helping to establish the Republic of Texas. The Southwestern United States is shaped largely by our food, culture, music, history and traditions, yet need to be shaped more in the future by our increased voting. The next non-Anglo President of the United States, we believe, will be Mexican-American and not Cuban, sorry Marco Rubio.

Chicano Channel Magazine tackles controversial topics and does not expect agreement on them even most of the time and we encourage subscriber input especially at our website at We also write on Chicano Entertainment, Business and Culture, all with a goal to make our older subscribers feel nostalgic about established points of pride and our younger subscribers to feel entertained, inspired and motivated. While the magazine’s focus is on Chicanos, the stories will be a read for everyone, so they can get to know their future leaders.

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