Chile Dude Movie Review - Man On A Ledge

Reading other reviews on the way to watch this, one thing stood out and that was that every reviewer was not expecting much from this flic, but came away with much more than bargained for. Maybe that’s why Chile Dude was not too big on the last “Mission Impossible”, because they set the expectations in the sky and then fall hard when they don’t meet it.

I had the same feeling about this movie before I read those other reviews, then the expectations went up. Man On A Ledge, met and exceeded those expectations. Sam Worthington plays a cop who is framed by a money-grubbing asshole who lost chingos of money in Bush’s economy and is trying to make some of it up by filing a huge insurance claim for a “stolen”, very valuable, diamond. Why frame this cop? Worthington’s character was on to this guy and corruption within the department itself.

The very cute, Elizabeth Banks, plays the good cop whose job it is to talk people down from ledges, bridges or whatever, that are threatening to kill themselves and with this assignment gets drawn in more than ever before. But hold on, a Latina, Genesis Rodriguez, really got Chile Dude’s caldo boiling. Genesis plays girlfriend to the brother of the framed cop, both of whom are key to proving the actual innocence of the cop. Genesis steals the show with her excellent acting and that Latina attitude that cannot be replicated, even tossing out a few “hijo de putas.” Besides the acting though, Genesis shows-off a body that is a 10 and the director was generous in giving us different shots of Genesis Rodriguez, who Chile Dude will now be looking for.

This flic deserves 5 Chiles for its acting, pace, twists, plot and Genesis.

Chicano Channel Magazine


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