Barack Obama told the world during a debate with John McCain, that if he had “actionable intelligence that Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan and Musharraf (then President) was unwilling to do anything about it”, he would unilaterally take action to take Bin Laden out.  “We will move Heaven and Earth to get him”, Obama continued.  McCain ridiculed that position and made clear he would not take unitaleral action in another country to get Osama Bin Laden.

During the same campaign of 2008, Mitt Romney stated, “It’s not worth moving Heaven and Earth” to get Bin Laden and insinuated we should ask permission from Pakistan before taking any action inside their country.  This bizarre position by Republicans actually began six months after the invasion of America by Al-Qaeda, when then-President Bush said he was "truly not that concerned” about getting Bin Laden.

It is bizarre because Bin Laden was personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans here and around the globe.  Is he all of Al-Qaeda?  Obviously not, but there was no doubt he was the mastermind and financier-in-chief.  Hitler was only one man, but his and Osama’s head rolling around on the ground, was like decapitating the snake.  Many have suggested this “pardoning” of Bin-Laden was rooted in his families’ relationship with the Bush family.  We sure hope this is not true.  What is indisputable though, is that with a President McCain or Romney, Bin Laden would still be watching porn and planning the next building or movie theatre in America to blow up.    



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