Chicano Channel's 'Chile Dude' Previews 'Casa de Mi Padre'

Chile Dude is on a mission to see as many Genesis Rodriguez movies as possible, new or old, after her show-stealing performance in “Man On A Ledge”.  From her Twitter account, she told Chicano Channel Magazine that on March 16th, “Casa De Mi Padre”, with herself, Will Ferrell, Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna and other great actors, will be released. 

Chile Dude Movie Review - Man On A Ledge

Reading other reviews on the way to watch this, one thing stood out and that was that every reviewer was not expecting much from this flic, but came away with much more than bargained for. Maybe that’s why Chile Dude was not too big on the last “Mission Impossible”, because they set the expectations in the sky and then fall hard when they don’t meet it.


In researching the reason that individuals, trusts and other entities choose to deposit their money in offshore accounts, such as in the Cayman Islands and in Swiss accounts, the overriding element seems to be secrecy.  So much secrecy in fact, that the CIA had to make stronger attempts to monitor these funds, their sources and its flow, because it was suspected that Al Qaeda used offshore accounts,  the same ones used by Mitt Romney as disclosed in his income tax reports, to channel money to its operatives.

Chicano Channel TV - A Lineup in the Works

Your own channel dusk to dawn.  Music a big part of the day, including Tejano, Chicano Rock, Rap and more.  Cooking shows throwing down the best recipes for the most popular food on the Planet, talk shows on subjects we like and need to talk about, news briefs and much more.  We have some surprises coming your way that will surpass programming on other channels.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs Marco Antonio Rubio

This weekend, on February 4, 2012, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Marco Antonio Rubio will go head to head in a middleweight title fight in San Antonio, Texas in the Alamodome, the former venue of the San Antonio Spurs.

The doubleheader event will commence at 9pm central time. This is an event worth attending but if you can not make it to the Alamodome you can catch it live on HBO World Championship Boxing®.

For more information:


The other day on some channel, they showed some dudes from England, I think, whose job it was to go to places that sell vacuum cleaners, brooms, and all kinds of other household products.  Basically they go to these stores and check out what is on the shelf and what people are buying, then they go home, smoke a bowl and brainstorm on how they could improve on those products that are on the shelves at stores.  All of this is correct except the bowl part, although it could be. 


It’s actually good to see that while money definitely plays a huge part in how an election turns out, that when people feel that they are being pressured to vote a certain way, they generally rebel against that and vote another way.  You could feel the coronation of Mitt Romney was underway since the beginning of the Republican Primary, endorsements from the most high-profile Republicans came fast and furious and it rained money on his campaign and PACs.  GOP favorite son, Chris Christie, in exchange for the “King Makers” promise of a Vice-Presidential nod, became Romney’s fan club presiden


Certain members of Congress have blasted Wikipedia and Google for their protests of PIPA and SOPA, the so-called piracy bills making their way through Congress, which the media giants label censorship bills, because of how they have protested by taking their fight to the public and using their sites to deliver their message.  Yet what does Congress do when they cannot negotiate their way to gaining support for a bill they support, they go to the public in much the same way.  They and their allies try their hardest to get on television to speak loudly and often, which for many Americans actu


We hold nothing against Romney and the amount of money he is worth, estimated to be around $300,000,000, in fact many Americans, as Romney said it himself, hate on me because they are envious of me.  We would not take it that far either, we know of people that have nothing, but yet smile all day long, while working, eating, playing with the kids and enjoying sex with their loved “one”.  Then we know those that have it all that seem miserable all the time, worrying who’s after what they have and making sure they never lose it.  Of course most of us would welcome the chance to see if we could


A very popular misconception in Texas is that after six (6) months of living together, a man and a woman could be considered Common-Law married, wrong.  There is no time limit that determines whether or not you will be considered Common-Law married.  There are many factors that can allow a judge to issue that finding though.  The most important of those in Texas is what is referred to as “holding out”, which refers to how you introduce your significant other to family, friends and others.  For example, “What’s up man, let me introduce you to my wife”, as you join a birthday party at a resta


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