What's in a name?

Chicano, or originally Xicana, is a term that describes a person of Mexican descent. Chicano is a modern day Azteca warrior. While Hispanic was a government brand Chicano is a term created by the people for the people.
No one really knows where the origins of this name but many can associate the name with the Chicano Civil Rights Movement began in the 1920s but became prominent in the 1960s. Its goal: provide civil rights and empowerment to the Mexican American people.

Our Collective Voting Power

Quick question my fellow Chicanos. Is it safe to assume that Rick Perry's accusations of immigrants being criminals are to get him the "white" vote only? Is it also safe to assume that the Tea Party is doing the same thing by running ads of our Mexican brothers running through fences, at night, making them look like Halloween figures? Here at CCM, we believe that every vote counts, especially when a Chicano votes for you. Don't politicians understand our loyalty? If not, they soon will!



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