Trump's First 100 Days

TRUMP’S FIRST 100 DAYS After the election of Donald Trump in 2016, there was a realignment of the World’s Alliances, which included the U.S. abandonment of its obligations under NATO and a new unholy alliance with Russia. In return for the Russian’s help in assassinating Syrian President Assad and for them allowing President Trump to take credit for it, the U.S. allowed Russia carte blanche power to take back lands that once formed the Soviet Union, something they had begun doing during the Bush and Obama Administrations. Trump’s popularity with the American people quickly improved after his disastrous general election victory, which left most Americans fearing that his unsteadiness and temperament would soon have us embroiled in World War III. The Syrian President’s murder cleared the way for new leadership, that while now under the control of the unholy alliance between the U.S. and Russia, allowed for Syria to improve and ended the mass exodus and daily bombing of its people. Almost overnight President Trump’s approval rating at home and abroad did a 180 degree turn and he began to take on Messonic qualities. The World’s worst problem during the election of 2016, Syria, once solved also was the beginning of the end of ISIS as we knew it, since it was Syrian refugees that were feeding the monster appetite of that terrorist organization. Russian and U.S. forces organized and conducted an impressive ground assault against ISIS, which within months had its’ leaders and loyalists scrambling in all different directions. Loyalist lone wolves around the globe committed terrorist acts in the vein of the last gasps of that organization, yet showed very little in terms of body counts, no doubt attributable to the lack of any type of support from Central ISIS since it, for the most part, no longer existed. President Trump was not a President any longer, instead the World began looking at him as if he were a deity. “Trust me, I will defeat ISIS”, and “I know more than the Generals,” began to look like prophecy. Meanwhile Putin was again forming the USSR and his people loved him for it. The bloodshed he was spilling in order to do it went almost unreported and what was reported did very little to bother anyone since Syria and ISIS euphoria had taken hold. The U.N. and Western European “allies” had been castrated in the process and there was no force on the planet that could counter the military might and the propaganda machine built by the Trump and Putin unholy alliance. The world had never seen such bullying. Nations that did not play the Alliance’s game paid a price every time. China, Iran, Pakistan and any other country with big plans were put in check quickly, and within the first year of the “Devil’s own”, the Alliance, had surrounded North Korea with Alliance warships by sea and by land, including on Chinese territory, with enough nukes to erase that Nation from the history books, except perhaps to explain why that real estate crater was now uninhabitable for the next 500 years. The Alliance could have used Kim Jung as their puppet for their plans for North Korea, which was to turn it into their own personally owned weapons manufacturing plant, but President Trump could not stand such a big ego on an inferiorly short, slant-eyed gook and had him publicly executed with as much pomp and circumstance as Kim Jung had organized for his birthdays or for the unveiling of new weapons. Many Nations found themselves applauding the execution for the same reasons that the North Korean people would applaud when Kim Jung had committed his atrocities. North Korea was now occupied by Alliance troops and the North Koreans’ lives on a day to day basis were basically unchanged. Kim Jung already had most of them working in weapons’ factories and for very little, if any, pay. They were these scared little robots under the regime working twelve hours a day or more and had the same reputation that bees in a hive have for their work ethic. The Alliance had no reason to change that and most of the World found it very difficult to summon any sympathy at all for the North Koreans, except for the South Koreans of course, who sought reunification with the North. The Alliance blocked that move and in fact continued the physical isolation of North Korea, and the South Korean government went quietly into the night without objection. But the people of South Korea, like the people of so many other Nations on Earth that were witness to their leaders, day in and day out kneeling before the Alliance, fumed privately, but began that now infamous “whisper” that people do that many times leads to revolutions. This “whisper” was now worldwide. The Iranians and the Israelites waited nervously for their turn to come, which most assuredly would come once the Alliance had a little bit of extra time from establishing their new world order. Perhaps the Alliance was putting off the one project that might be the most difficult and tense between them. Russia’s prior fling of course was with Iran, while the United States’ chain could always be counted on to be yanked by Israel. Iran was already acting as the interim Sheriffs of the Middle East, with power over every major Nation there with the exception of Israel. That was another nod and wink from President Trump who had no love loss for the Iranians and who have preferred a fate for them more similar to what the Alliance did to the North Koreans, who except for who was leading them, existed, not lived, the same as always and knew no better. The Iranians could demand concessions and payments from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey and any other nations and they all knew that those demands were with the authority of the Alliance. The “whisper” of suffering, of total disillusionment, of futility, of discontent and vengeance around the World, was now heard not only on the streets and pubs, but also very carefully in the halls of power. Nowhere was the “whisper” at higher levels than in Israel. Netanyahu felt a sense of guilt for his involvement in the U.S. 2016 Presidential election, or for more accurately his omission to speak out more, as America’s number one ally, against Donald Trump. Israel had obtained intelligence about the planned Alliance and decided not to share that intelligence with the U.S. It was now the World vs. the Alliance. Excerpt from The Planet Heaven, by Roman Villa.


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