The All White Alt-Right

This author was raised in a City in Texas whose schools had a zero tolerance rule against spoken Spanish on school property and suspended students who were caught violating the rule, even if it was one word in the parking lot or cafeteria. The same City prohibited any translation of its official documents, was forced to bus students in order to integrate its schools, segregated or allowed segregation of its residents of color, even at the only (at the time in 1970ish) cinema and was infamous for the prison sentences that non-whites received in its court system. The current make-up of Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the candidate's own words and actions, smacks of the hatred that emanated from the resistance to changes, usually forced, to this systematic and institutional racism. Even whites who do not believe that our Nation's policies need to contain a different standard for people of color, may be attracted to policies or in this case, rhetoric, that gives Whites preferential treatment, even if not stated in these terms, because to do so, they believe, is to restore America to it's greatness. That is why border security and immigration formed the basis for Trump's campaign, because it immediately identified the enemy and pinned most, if not all, of the nation's problems on that group. Mexican Americans who support Trump, need to realize that in identifying the enemy as Mexicans, that a Trump Administration would not distinguish between undocumented and U.S. citizen Mexicans, as shown in his attack on the Mexican-American judge born in Indiana, and that the slippery slope would lead to many more direct confrontations between Trump and the majority population of the South-Western United States.

Roman Villa


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Whiteys always asks this magazine why we have to identify as Chicanos and not just say we are American. Here's the problem, we already tried that, for chingos of years big and little Chicanos just tried to fit in, but the movie house that sat us in balcony, the cops who always suspected us first, the teachers and principals who blamed us for all the school's woes and finally, the Courts who sent us away for chingos of years in prison for shit that whitey got away with or probated, reminded us day in and day out we were different. Now it's too late and you will have to assimilate to us.

Roman Villa, Chicano Channel Magazine,