The Obamacare Controversy

Yes…we know… has had a rocky start. The media likes to remind us, all day every day, only about the shortcomings of the website. The servers and the design of the site weren’t able to handle the traffic that the site received when it launched last month.

Media outlets would rather ask what happened to “Glitch Girl”; the moniker given to the woman whose face graced the home page of when it first launched. Other phony controversies are talked about to make the Affordable Care Act sound like a complete failure. Something that the media, whose job is to inform us, fails to mention is that you can still apply for coverage and there are many options to do so.

 You can go the old school route and fill out a paper application. You can download the application with instructions that are pretty simple and self explanatory.

 If you need help filling out the application you can always find the location nearest you where you can be assisted in-person.

 Or you can apply by phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week by calling 1-800-318-2596

All of the options above are listed at and there is even a Live Chat option for any questions that you might have.

*There are 15 states throughout the Country that declared state-based exchanges; while other states chose to default to the federal exchange rather than host their own marketplace. The majority of the states that defaulted to the federal exchange are also states that refused to expand Medicaid, possibly making it just a little more difficult for their constituents to obtain affordable coverage.

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