People with chingos (a lot) of money, no, probably not you and for sure not me, are the most fearful of people like Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, who from the Government’s budget set aside lands in his Country so that those less fortunate would have not only homes, but a piece of dirt they could actually grow their own food from.  It’s especially troubling to them because in a Democratic society, like theirs and ours, the less fortunate are the overwhelming majority and if allowed a vote per person, they could keep politicians in power that continue that agenda for a long time.  The rich have coined the term “redistribution”, and made sure that even people that would benefit from those policies, be scared shitless of it.  You have heard Willard Mitt Romney use that phrase to describe Obama’s policies.  Instead, they argue, if you allow rich people to keep more of their money and get Government out of their way to make more, regardless of the side effects, that benefits from that will filter down and lift everybody up.  Democrats call this the “trickle-down” theory of economics and argue that it has never worked.  What it appears President Obama is trying to do is not give away things to the middle-class, but instead to give them a path up, and at the same time asking those at the top to at least pay their fair share and play by the same rules.  This sounds like a deal the rich should take, before someone comes along that is really a Socialist and turns everything on its head.