Trump's First 100 Days

TRUMP’S FIRST 100 DAYS After the election of Donald Trump in 2016, there was a realignment of the World’s Alliances, which included the U.S. abandonment of its obligations under NATO and a new unholy alliance with Russia. In return for the Russian’s help in assassinating Syrian President Assad and for them allowing President Trump to take credit for it, the U.S. allowed Russia carte blanche power to take back lands that once formed the Soviet Union, something they had begun doing during the Bush and Obama Administrations.

The All White Alt-Right

This author was raised in a City in Texas whose schools had a zero tolerance rule against spoken Spanish on school property and suspended students who were caught violating the rule, even if it was one word in the parking lot or cafeteria. The same City prohibited any translation of its official documents, was forced to bus students in order to integrate its schools, segregated or allowed segregation of its residents of color, even at the only (at the time in 1970ish) cinema and was infamous for the prison sentences that non-whites received in its court system.


What could lead an entire District Attorney’s office, the size of the Bexar County District Attorney’s office, to recuse itself from the prosecution of an individual charged with the improper sexual filming of his stepdaughter? We don’t know specifically because we could not find an official public statement explaining to the taxpayers of Bexar County the reasons for punting on the prosecution of Christopher Anthony Flores, charged in April of 2014 with the improper sexual filming of his stepdaughter. Allegedly, Mr.

The Obamacare Controversy

Yes…we know… has had a rocky start. The media likes to remind us, all day every day, only about the shortcomings of the website. The servers and the design of the site weren’t able to handle the traffic that the site received when it launched last month.

32nd Annual Tejano Conjunto Festival

Guadalupe Cultural Art Center's 32nd annual Tejano Conjunto Festival is right around the corner and the line-up is looking pretty chingon! The three-day festival begins Friday, May 17, 2013 and is headlined by some of the greatest acts in Tejano and Conjunto music including, Los Hermanos Farías, Los Dos Gilbertos, Los DesperadoZ the legendary Flaco Jimenez and Mingo Saldivar. For the rest of the line-up visit the GCAC website here:


Barack Obama told the world during a debate with John McCain, that if he had “actionable intelligence that Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan and Musharraf (then President) was unwilling to do anything about it”, he would unilaterally take action to take Bin Laden out.  “We will move Heaven and Earth to get him”, Obama continued.  McCain ridiculed that position and made clear he would not take unitaleral action in another country to get Osama Bin Laden.


Where we are today, is that this next Tuesday, if Romney wins, the Plutocrats will have been granted a victory and a green light to begin to blunt the forward progress of regular people in America.  They will have much reason to celebrate, because not only will they have bought eight years in power, but they will also have the ability to enact laws and appoint judges that will ensure their grasp on power for many more years to come.  Their anger and the unprecedented amount of money they have contributed to defeat Barack Obama, is not for nothing, it is because the President’s policies and


Jack Kennedy was killed in part because of the perception, by the plutocrats and their zombies, that he identified too much with blacks, latinos and regular people, a kind of socialist in other words.  His brother Bobby suffered the same fate.  How dare they, those Kennedys, actually try to extend power to the masses, of any color.  It of course was fine to say it on a campaign trail, but not to actually implement anything close.  Jack in Dallas, Bobby in Los Angeles and Martin Luther King in Memphis.  The Plutocrats worst nightmare, hence their anger, came in 2008 when a black man was elec


People with chingos (a lot) of money, no, probably not you and for sure not me, are the most fearful of people like Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, who from the Government’s budget set aside lands in his Country so that those less fortunate would have not only homes, but a piece of dirt they could actually grow their own food from.  It’s especially troubling to them because in a Democratic society, like theirs and ours, the less fortunate are the overwhelming majority and if allowed a vote per person, they could keep politicians in power that continue that agenda for a long time.  The


Whichever television station you rely on for your political news, at least we know that currently you can get a “conservative” version, Fox News, and a “liberal” version, MSNBC. We put those two terms in quotes because it is easily arguable that how both stations report the news is neither conservative or liberal. Regardless of your perspective, at least currently you can check out the other station to see what the “other side” is saying. One thing that both stations have in common is that they are both owned by corporate behemoths.


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